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Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

PK Stockx can provide good shipping services to customers all over the world. pkstockx has established long-term cooperative relationships with global high-quality airlines such as DHL and EMS. Based on our professional shipping experience, we ensure that your package can be delivered to the destination quickly and safely.

- Order processing

After the order is successful, pkstockx, in order to ensure that each order is intact, we will provide you with quality inspection photos of the product through whatsapp or email within 1-3 working days. If you are not satisfied with the quality inspection photos before shipping, we We can replace a pair or cancel the order for you. After your consent is required, we will pack and ship.

- Shipping method

1.The usual shipping methods of pkstockx are: DHL / EMS / USPS / FEX / UPS / Express. 

2.Shipping from China

- Shipping Time

1、The following time is the statistical data from the logistics query website, for reference only, your shoes shipping time may be faster or slower than the following time. Time extensions may occur due to natural disasters, flight delays, strikes, etc.

2、If the transit times for your city are not listed in this form, you can let us know via our social media. Transit time is the time shown on the tracking website in the picture on the right.

3、Usually takes 7-21 working days to arrive after you confirm Quality Check Pictures (QC)

4、Tracking site: